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Warsaw is a city characterised by awe-inspiring architecture and a history unlike most places in Europe - so it's no wonder that it's soaring in popularity when it comes to action-packed European city breaks. Rent a car in Warsaw and you'll soon learn what makes the Polish capital so special. For a city that has endured an incredible amount, it retains an immense beauty with medieval buildings, delicious traditional food, historic landmarks and welcoming locals. Learn all about Warsaw and why it is an absolute must for your holiday bucket list.

It’s your choice: Where to go in Warsaw

Flights to Warsaw arrive at either Warsaw Chopin Airport (WAW) or Warsaw-Modlin Airport (WMI), which are six miles and 22 miles away from the city centre, respectively. Both airports serve destinations around the globe and are hubs for many major airlines. It is a relatively simple journey from both airports and once you arrive, you'll discover plenty of things to do. Warsaw is split into a series of districts with the central region - Centrum - being home to six districts. These include the famous Warsaw Old Town and Śródmieście, an area which is regarded as an integral part of the city. Take a drive to south Warsaw and you will find the district of Wilanów. These unassuming streets hold huge historic significance as they are home to the Wilanów Palace, a stationing post for the Polish Army during World War II.

Things to do in Warsaw

That Warsaw is today a vibrant, welcoming city is a testament to the population's resilience. This is a city that managed to survive some of the worst events of World War II and come out the other side. The Warsaw Uprising, which resulted in the near destruction of the city, is remembered through a series of poignant monuments and landmarks. Well worth a visit is the Warsaw Ghetto, once the largest of its kind in Europe set up the Nazis. After being completely destroyed following the Uprising in 1944, there are a number of memorials to serve as remembrance. Elsewhere in the city, the Warsaw Rising Museum details these tragic events. Fans of classical music can visit the Chopin Museum at Ostrogski Palace where you can listen to the work of the famous composer, who is one of Warsaw’s favourite sons. Close to the Vistula River, meanwhile, is Warsaw Zoo. One of the city’s most popular attractions, it is home to over 4,200 animals.

Important info about Warsaw

Warsaw is set on the banks of the Vistula River and is a vibrant hub of museums, art galleries and monuments. The city is quickly becoming one of Europe’s most cosmopolitan and popular destinations thanks to the wealth of Warsaw hotels that represent excellent value for money. The city has changed considerably since the fall of communism, but there are remnants of this era such as bar mleczny, translated as milk bars, which serve traditional Polish cuisine in a no-frills setting. You can expect a warm welcome from the locals who will happily talk at length about their city and share a vodka, naturally.

Weather in Warsaw
Country Poland
Language Polish
Currency Polish złoty
Time-Zones Central European Standard Time
Country Code +48

Good to know

Driving in Warsaw gives you a great opportunity to get to know the city's many districts and surrounding areas. The road surfaces in the city centre are well maintained making getting around a breeze. However, when you rent a car in Warsaw it is important to be aware of local driving regulations. You drive on the right in Poland and the minimum driving age is 18. You must have your driving licence, proof of ID (a passport will suffice), proof of insurance and car rental documentation on you at all times. Drivers must also carry an orange warning sign, a high visibility jacket and a fire extinguisher. The speed limit ranges from 50km/h to 60km/h depending on the time of day, while this is reduced to 20km/h in residential zones. It is also compulsory for all vehicles to use dipped headlights both day and night, all-year round.

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What to taste in Warsaw

Visit Warsaw and you can look forward to an array of hearty Polish dishes that will fuel your sightseeing. One of the most popular dishes is bigos. Originating from the forests of eastern Poland, this is a true comfort-food blend of cured ham, pork shoulder and bacon with red cabbage and sauerkraut. Though golabki literally translates to pigeon in Polish, this warming dish brings together pork, fried onions, rice barley and herbs in a delicate soft-boiled cabbage leaf and drizzled with a creamy tomato sauce. For those with a sweet tooth, be sure to try a Paczki, a Polish doughnut packed with custard, chocolate or strawberry jam. And, of course, there’s vodka. Learn all about this revered spirit which the country is renowned for at the Polish Vodka Museum.

What to bring your friends from Warsaw

As you walk along the city's streets, you will no doubt see the huge amount of ornate angels for sale. These mini figurines play a significant role in Polish art and are borne out of a tradition of making sculptures of saints and guardians. These figurines are said to keep a watchful eye over their recipient, so what better present to give one of your friends? Another beautiful Polish craft item are dolls, which are typically dressed in traditional costumes linked to a specific region. You can find them at many of the folk and souvenir shops across the city. Give your friends a taste of Poland by picking up some traditional fudge known as krówki. These irresistible treats are made from milk, sugar and butter and have a hard outer shell and a delicious soft centre - you will certainly be popular when you bring a bag of krówki home.