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From Stockholm's historic streets to the wild plains of Lapland in the far north, Sweden is a vast country of cosmopolitanism and natural beauty. Many of the country's most breathtaking spots are situated in remote areas, making a rental car a necessity if you want to make the most of these places. A rental car also lets you determine your own schedule and itinerary. From the most famous ice hotel in Sweden to the 30 national parks, you can create your perfect Swedish adventure in this magnificent Scandinavian destination.

It's your choice: Where to go in Sweden

A stop in the capital, Stockholm, is a must when you rent a car in Sweden. The old town, also known as Gamla stan, is the centre of this city on an archipelago, and packed with sights and attractions such as the Royal Palace, Stockholm Cathedral, and the Riksdagen parliament building. Walk Gamla stan's charming cobblestoned streets, lined with houses that have stood here since medieval times. Two of the most vibrant cities in Sweden, Gothenburg and Malmo, are located in the southern region of Götaland. The former is packed with historical buildings and cultural pursuits such as the Gothenburg Art Museum, while the latter's quaint pedestrianised streets and castle gardens give the city a more tranquil ambience.

Things to do in Sweden

The striking landscapes and remote natural pursuits are what makes it a necessity to rent a car in Sweden. The majority of the country remains blissfully untouched by human development, and there are over 30 national parks and countless nature reserves. Store Mosse National Park boasts the largest open moorland south of Lapland and is wild and rugged, ideal for those with an intrepid spirit. Haparanda Archipelago National Park is located in the far north of the country, with large sand dunes and a number of islands. During the winter months, skiing in Sweden is a popular activity. Åre is one of the largest resorts in the country and consists of three different areas with their own style and character, as well as slopes catering to varying abilities. For another popular winter pursuit, Abisko National Park is a premium spot for catching a glimpse of the spectacular northern lights.

Important info about Sweden

Regular flights from the United Kingdom depart for both Stockholm and Gothenburg. While the majority of flights depart from major British airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, and Manchester, a selection of direct services also operate from smaller airports such as Edinburgh and Bristol. Flights to Sweden's smaller cities and remote regions require a stopover in one of its two major cities. Sweden operates on Central European Time, and is one hour ahead of the United Kingdom. Owing to its latitude, Sweden experiences limited daylight hours in the winter, so driving routes should be planned accordingly. Despite the sometimes challenging driving conditions between November and March, this is also one of the best times to see the breathtaking northern lights, otherwise known as the aurora borealis.

Weather in Sweden
Country Sweden
Language Swedish
Currency Swedish krona
Time-Zones CET
Country Code +46

Good to know

The roads in Sweden are maintained to a high standard, so driving in the country will rarely cause any issues. Vehicles travel on the right side of the road, and seatbelts must be worn at all times. Sweden's drink driving limits are much stricter than many other countries in Europe, with the legal blood alcohol level set at 0.2%. You may be stopped randomly, even if the authorities don't suspect you of being under the influence; this is normal procedure in Sweden. Speed limits vary across the country, ranging from 30 to 120 kilometers per hour. While signs clearly indicate the legal speeds, be especially aware of any changes as you drive through remote towns and villages. Winter tyres are required by law between December and March, as the roads are usually wet or snowy during this period.

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Our tour suggestion for Sweden

Cap of the North route is one of the best road trips to make when you rent a car in Sweden. The route primarily follows highway E10, and is filled with rugged scenery as well as highlights such as Abisko National Park. Extending far beyond Sweden's borders, the Blue Highway runs from east to west across the country and passes by mountains, lakes, and traditional villages. Skåne's coastal route is ideal for those who want to spend time exploring the country's often-overlooked beaches. Best enjoyed in summer, the clear waters and superb beaches rival those of Mediterranean destinations. The Northern Lights Route in the far reaches of northern Sweden runs from Tornio to Haparanda, and is a must for anybody wanting to catch a glimpse of this ethereal natural wonder.

What to taste in Sweden

A gastronomical haven might not be what you have in mind when you book cheap flights to Sweden. The country offers deliciously underrated Scandinavian dishes and an abundance of high-quality cuisine that's gaining international attention. Scandinavia is known for its fish, and the salmon and herring are both excellent. Opt for smoked salmon with potatoes and dill for a Swedish take on this well-known classic. For another seafood staple, herring is best enjoyed as part of a literal smörgåsbord of tasty Swedish treats. For a hearty dinner, tuck into a plate of traditional Swedish meatballs with potatoes and lingonberries. In the morning, breakfast is a time to sample the many fresh pastries and soft Swedish pancakes. If you happen to be in Sweden in August, then don't miss out on having some crayfish. You'll see this delicacy feature on menus across the country throughout the month.