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Proudly referred to as the ‘beauty on water’ by its inhabitants, Stockholm is a city of stunning architecture, cultural hotspots, and a welcoming atmosphere, interspersed with charming waterways. Rent a car in Stockholm to discover the enchanting nature of the Swedish capital. Visit its famous old town, taste its unique and delicious food, learn about its love affair with a certain band, and tour its fascinating museums and galleries.

It's your choice: Where to go in Stockholm

Most flights to Stockholm arrive at Arlanda Airport, but also at Stockholm-Bromma, Stockholm-Skavsta, or Stockholm-Västerås airports. Arlanda is Sweden’s busiest airport, serving destinations around the world. To rent a car in Stockholm, consider getting one at Arlanda Airport, about a 40-minute drive from the city. Driving is a good way to see Stockholm, given its layout. Sample a little bit of everything in the various districts here. Gamla Stan is the oldest part of Stockholm, tracing its history back to 1252. Spend a day here walking along its cobbled streets and relaxing in traditional Swedish restaurants. Head to the south of the city to discover Södermalm, Stockholm’s creative hub. A traditionally working-class area, it's embraced a hipster edge with a wealth of bohemian bars, art galleries, and coffee shops. Don’t forget to explore the Royal Djurgården park in the beautiful borough of Östermalm.

Things to do in Stockholm

There are so many things to do in Stockholm, it can be hard to know where to start. The Vasa Museum provides an obvious choice. Deemed the the mightiest warship of its time, the 17th-century ship never made it out of Stockholm's harbour when it sank on its maiden voyage in 1628. Salvaged almost fully intact, it's now the centerpiece of this popular museum. When it comes to music in Sweden, there's one band that often comes to mind: ABBA. The ABBA Museum honours Stockholm’s most famous import, and is the city’s most popular attraction. You'll be saying “thank you for the music” after your visit. Learn about the Sweden of a bygone era at Skansen, an open-air museum of miniature homes, churches, schools, and shops depicting historical Sweden. With so much going on in the city, you'll need one of the many Stockholm hotels to unwind at afterwards.

Important info about Stockholm

Thanks to the increase in cheap flights to Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city has never been more accessible. It has an interesting layout, with a diverse collection of districts spread over 14 islands, connected by over 50 bridges. From the cobbled streets of Gamla Stan, to the coffee shops and amusement parks of Djurgården, Stockholm is a city of contrasts. Stop at one of the many great restaurants to feast upon local delicacies that have been enjoyed here since the time of the Vikings, toasted with a local vodka, of course. With so many lakes and rivers, Stockholm offers a sense of tranquility, if you fancy a moment away from the lively capital and its vibrant nightlife. Given where Stockholm is in northern Europe, it enjoys pleasant summers, and though winters are significantly colder the city remains vibrant and charming for both locals and visitors.

Weather in Stockholm
Country Sweden
Language Swedish
Currency Swedish krona
Time-Zones CET
Country Code +46

Good to know

To rent a car in Stockholm, you must be at least 20 years of age, and have a licence for at least two years. Traffic moves on the right side of the road. The blood alcohol content limit is 0.2. Stockholm enforces a congestion charge for vehicles entering its inner city between 06:30 and 18:29 on weekdays. Vehicles travelling into Stockholm's inner city, or on the Essingeleden highway during this time are subject to varying toll rates, depending on the time of day. Stockholm is aiming to become a fossil-fuel-free city by 2040. There are charging stations positioned across the city, encouraging use of energy-efficient and alternative fuel vehicles. There's plenty of parking available in the inner city and Norrmalm, with variable hourly prices during the week.

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What to taste in Stockholm

There's a veritable smörgåsbord of Swedish cuisine represented in Stockholm's restaurants. Taking inspiration from its Nordic location and environment, Scandinavian food is much more than just meatballs and lingonberries, with some incredible dishes to discover in this part of the world. A traditional staple of the Swedish diet is pickled herring, a regional favourite since the Middle Ages. It's typically flavoured with mustard, onion, garlic, and dill, and served with boiled potatoes, sour cream, and chives. Another popular accompaniment is knäckebröd, a crispbread which is usually served on the side of every Swedish dish. For a lighter option, try a bowl of yellow pea soup. Traditionally served on Thursdays to prepare people for a Christian fast the following day, it remains a popular dish with students and families. For those with a sweet tooth, there's the delicious saffransbullar, Sweden’s take on the sticky cinnamon bun.

What to bring to your friends from Stockholm

Spend enough time in Stockholm, and you'll realise the Swedish people’s love of cheese, so much so people often carry their own personal cheese slicers. If you have a friend that's a self-confessed cheese addict, then there's no better present than some of this local product. When you rent a car in Stockholm, travelling around will reveal Sweden's little quirks and charms. One you'll find is the abundance of small painted wooden horses. The famous Dala horse is a national cultural icon, and you can pick up specially hand-painted versions from any of the souvenir shops across the city. Give your friends a proper taste of Sweden by bringing home some salt liquorice, another of the country’s unique and wonderful foods. The best way to experience this beloved candy is to buy a pick-and-mix selection, and test out which is the saltiest.