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Sardinia is a large Italian island in the Mediterranean blessed by 2,000km of coastline, beautiful beaches, and mountains. The best way to go around the island is to rent a car in Sardinia. With a rented vehicle, you can go anywhere at your own pace and time. For visitors who want to make the most of their holiday, provides professional advice on car hires.

It's your choice: Where to go in Sardinia

Most visitors to the island enter in Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital. Known for its hilltop Castello, the city boasts other amazing sights including the 13th-century Cagliari Cathedral and the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari. Another popular entry point is Olbia where visitors enjoy the San Simplicio Basilica, the Piazza Matteoti, and the exhibits at the Museo Archeologico de Olbia. On the northwest coast of Italy is Alghero which you can easily visit when you rent a car in Sardinia. Admire its ancient walls, quaint centre, and the imposing Cattedrale di Santa Maria. Not to be missed is Porto Cervo, a seaside resort built by the Prince Karim Aga Khan. For outstanding nature, Santa Teresa Gallura has stunning beaches and great hiking.

Things to do in Sardinia

Holidaymakers flock to the island for its gorgeous beaches. Go to Cala Goloritze in the town of Baunei for its remote and secluded beaches perfect for unwinding and rejuvenating. Cala Luna is wedged in a cove in a rocky headland ideal for private swimming and relaxation. For a change of pace, head to Neptune’s Grotto and take the 600 steps down to the extraordinary seafront cave with hanging stalactites. You might also want to hike in Capo Caccio filled with scenic walking routes, gorgeous dive sites, and archaeological caverns. It is also possible to mountain hike, and the best place to do this is the Supramante, a mountain with canyons and steep cliffs. Sardinia also has a compelling historic side such as the Su Nuraxi di Barumini, a defensive fortification built in 2000 BC.

Important info about Sardinia

Sardinia is blessed with many natural attractions with nearly 68% of the island considered hilly. More than 13% of the island is mountainous whilst 18.5% of the land area is considered flat lands. The island has a Mediterranean type of climate characterised by mild, often rainy/balmy winters and hot summers with cooling relief provided by the sea breezes. The economy of Sardinia relies heavily on the agriculture and farming sector, well above the national average in Italy. Sheep farming and the transformation of sheep products are very relevant to the regional economy. The hospitality sector also plays an important role in the island’s economy with guest activities mostly concentrated on the northern coast of the island. Its industrial sector exploits coal, zinc, iron, and silver plus the extraction of bauxite.

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Good to know

Visitors to the island fly in to one of the three major airports in Sardinia: Cagliari. Olbia, and Alghero. Many European airlines offer direct flights to Sardinia. To go to the smaller islands, the only possibility is to use ferry services. If you’re planning to rent a car in Sardinia airport, you just need to go to the car hire desk inside the terminal. Hotels in Sardinia also provide vehicles if you decide to get one for your holiday. The legal age to rent a car in Sardinia is 21 years. However, some rental companies may allow drivers as young as 18 years to drive, provided they have had their licence for at least a year. Young drivers under the age of 25 attract an insurance surcharge fee. Sardinians drive on the right and overtake from the left. BAC limit is 0.05%. Speed limits on main roads are 110km/h, 90km/h on secondary roads, and 50km/h in built-up areas. There are no motorways in Sardinia. Be aware that the roads are winding and narrow. Watch out for flocks of sheep that may be crossing or posing on the roadside.

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Our tour suggestion for Sardinia

Holidays in Sardinia are not complete without a visit to Costa Smeralda. Drive your car hire from Alghero and head east passing across the northeast of the island. Follow the coastline and you’ll arrive at Castelgardo and Santa Teresa di Gallura. Watch out for the spectacular granite interior of Gallura or visit Tempio Pausania and Aggius. Your final arrival point is the Costa Smeralda teeming with luxurious resorts, high-end boutiques and restaurants, superb beaches, and glamorous night life. Alternatively, you can also drive up to the Sinis Peninsula and Bosa. From Piscinas, follow the coastal road along the Costa Verde border. After a few hours, you’ll be at Sinis Peninsula which is a protected marine area. Check out its fine beaches and marvel at its picturesque villages used several times as locations for western films such as San Salvatore di Sinis. Visit the ancient city Tharros or gape at the mysterious stone giants or the Giants of Mont’e Prama.

What to taste in Sardinia

Sardinian cuisine is divided into those that use ingredients coming from the sea and the other one from the land. Try seafood fregola, a typical Sardinian pasta made of semolina rolled into tiny balls and mixed with clams or prawns. Bottarga is another famous dish from the island which are fish eggs served in spaghetti and other pasta. Cassola is a fish soup that uses all sorts of fish, molluscs, and crustaceans. Octopus salads are delicious and typical in Olbia. Meat dishes include the porchetta which is a suckling pig cooked or grilled slowly on a spit and seasoned with rosemary or myrtle. Roast suckling lamb is another delicious treat as well as a roast baby goat. Don’t forget to sample zuppa gallurese or zuppa cuata which is an oven-baked dish of sliced bread, cheese, and lamb broth. For dessert, order seadas which are fried pastries topped with honey or sugar.