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Paris, the capital of France, is a sprawling city with a great layout. Find historic monuments, art museums, and pleasure gardens on the banks of the Seine River in the city centre. Interesting attractions await you further away, too – and as they're dozens of kilometres from the downtown, renting a car is a logical choice. Paris is surrounded by amusement parks, sky-soaring cathedrals, and elaborate palaces. The city is a year-round destination, so you can book a flight to Paris whenever you like.

It’s your choice: Where to go in Paris

Standing at about 325 meters tall, the Eiffel Tower defines Paris's skyline. The first level features a transparent floor, making you feel as though you're hovering. Use the telescopes on the second level to admire the City of Light, and buy a separate ticket to the third level to observe l'Île-de-France (the Island of France) and regions beyond. The Louvre Museum, housed in a former royal palace, is the most-visited museum in the world. It features complex architecture, with Renaissance and neoclassical motifs adorning its facade, and a large collection of masterpieces dating back to ancient times. Make sure to check out the Mona Lisa and Nike of Samothrace, the museum’s undisputed highlights. See Notre-Dame de Paris, the downtown area's famous Gothic cathedral. Climb its two 70-metre-tall towers to observe the skyline of Paris, and wonder at the colourful rose windows inside. The cathedral, which has great acoustics, often hosts outstanding classical music concerts.

Things to do in Paris

The Champs-Élysées (the Elysian Fields), Paris's famous boulevard, is where you can browse shops, watch films in cinemas, and enjoy the city's nightlife. While there, climb the famous Arc de Triomphe (Triumphal Arch), preferably at dusk, to enjoy the finest views of the Eiffel Tower. Alternatively, see Le Marais, a trendy Parisian district from the 17th century. Tour its mansions-turned-museums, and visit Place des Vosges, a green oasis surrounded by colourful buildings. Visiting the Paris Catacombs is highly recommended during trips to Paris. Walk through the tunnels abounding with skeletons and learn how Parisians coped with their shortage of insufficient burial grounds centuries ago. The exterior of the Paris Opera House, featuring Corinthian columns, gilded sculptures, and busts, reflects the opulence inside. Take a guided tour of the venue and learn about its legendary resident, the Phantom of the Opera.

Important info about Paris

The layout of Paris follows the Axe Historique (Historical Axis). Flat for the most part, the City of Love features many green areas and streets with houses painted in vivid colours. Historic Montmartre (Mount of Martyrs), which offers views of the entire city, is where you'll find the best restaurants in Paris. When selecting a restaurant, keep in mind that French gourmands are often as passionate about smoking as they are cuisine, so some of the best dining establishments will have full ashtrays. For some fresh air and to take part in recreational and educational activities, head to the large, green areas flanking the city such as Boulogne Forest, Park Montsouris, Vincennes Forest, and Park Villette. Take a blanket an basket to dig into a proper Parisian picnic! To get around easily, consider a Paris car hire – the city is a big place with infinite things to see and do.

Weather in Paris
Country France
Language French
Currency Euro
Time-Zones CET
Country Code +33

Good to know

If you rent a car in Paris, be prepared for heavier traffic in the city centre and plenty of traffic lights. Drive along the Boulevard Périphérique (Ring Road) before taking a turn to your destination, which should be easy to find with a Paris map and GPS. The speed limit is 50km/h in the city and 70km/h on the Ring Road. Driving over these limits can result in a fine or licence suspension. To drive in France, you have to be older than 18. Drive on the right-hand side of the road, ensure that all passengers have fastened their safety belts, and don't use a hand-held phone while driving. Driving under the influence can cost several thousand euros, so be careful not to exceed the blood alcohol limit of 0.05%.

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What to visit in the surroundings of Paris

The French capital is an ideal base for motorised travellers, so consider renting a car in Paris to visit attractions around the city. To enjoy first-class entertainment, spend some time at Disneyland Paris, where holidays promise legendary places, roller-coaster rides, and shows. Drive some 30 minutes to the east of the city centre to reach the amusement park. In Parc Asterix, north of the city, take a tour of the Roman Empire, Ancient Greece, and Egypt while enjoying adrenaline-filled rides along the way. Located near Melun, around 45 minutes southeast of Paris by car, Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte features gardens with sculptures and flowers, and candlelight evenings on Saturdays from May to October. The Royal Palace of Versailles, west of the city, features luxurious furnishings, gilded decorations, and many works of art. Find fountains, floral patterns, verdant vegetation, and sculptures in its vast gardens.

What to bring to your friends from Paris

If your friends and relatives are gourmands, choose camembert, Roquefort or brie cheese as a gift for them. Accompany the cheeses with first-class wine and champagne, such as Bollinger, Château Margaux, or Dom Perignon, and add delicate French macarons for a dessert. Find authentic French berets and elegant scarves at Passion France at Galleries Lafayette, beauty products along the Champs Elysées and Rivoli Street, and fine French jewellery at Cartier. Check out the city's major bookstores and small shops, all treasure chests of antique and recently published books. Whatever you're seeking on holiday, you'll surely find it in Paris.