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Norway is a Scandinavian country in North-western Europe famous for its stunning nature and vibrant culture. The best way to experience the natural attractions of Norway is to rent a car, as you can get off the beaten track. You won’t have to rely on expensive taxis and you'll get to places which public transportation cannot reach, giving you the freedom and flexibility to go wherever you want, whenever you want.

It's your choice: Where to go in Norway

Oslo, Norway's capital, is an exciting city with something for everyone, from museums and galleries to hip bars and green spaces. Visit the Norwegian Maritime Museum and the Viking Ship Museum or go to Holmenkollbakken, a ski jumping hill and museum with gorgeous views of the fjord. Over in the city of Bergen, you can admire colourful wooden houses on the wharf, visit the KODE art museum, and ride the Fløibanen Funicular to hike or admire breathtaking views from Fløyen Mountain. Don’t miss the Northern Lights in Trømso, a Norwegian city known for its wooden houses and the 1965 Arctic Cathedral. Or drive to Flåm, a village surrounded by fjords, valleys, and waterfalls. Møre og Romsdal county boasts the Geirangerfjord, cliffs, and waterfalls, while Stavanger, in the south-west of Norway, is home to the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. When you rent a car in Norway, you can reach all these wonderful locations and much more.

Things to do in Norway

There are many things that you can do during your holidays in Norway. Skiing is a favourite activity in the country and if you’re a skier, hit the slopes at Hemsedal, Trysil, Hafjell, and Geilo, the top skiing resorts in the country. Non-skiers will find other fun winter sports to try such as dog sledding, snowshoeing, and ice fishing. Otherwise, a stay at an ice hotel in Alta is an amazing experience, as is a trip to the county of Finnmark to encounter Sami culture. A quick look at the map of Norway will tell you that the country is brimming with beautiful fjords. The Sognefjord is the country's longest and deepest. Drive along the exciting Trollstigen mountain roads with lots of hairpin bends and viewpoints over striking landscapes. Whilst in the cities, visit museums and landmarks such as Norway’s Resistance Museum and the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, Scandinavia’s largest medieval building. Come dusk, enjoy fine dining, hang out in chic bars and take in world-class entertainment.

Important info about Norway

The country, believed to be covered in ice during the Ice Age, features awe-inspiring mountains, valleys, waterfalls, lakes, and the famous fjords. The Scandinavian Mountains are the most prominent natural characteristic of Norway covering large parts of the country and intersected by fjords. Large glaciers are found in the north whilst valleys extend in all directions. Off the country’s long coast are several islands, which can be reached by ferry. Norwegian cuisine is based mainly on fish and game meat. Preserved foods are also common due to the long winters in the country. Thus, you will find pickled herring and smoked fish, which are favourites amongst locals. Energy-rich foods such as potatoes and flatbreads are also typical accompaniments.

Weather in Oslo
Country Norway
Language Norwegian
Currency Norwegian krone
Time-Zones CET
Country Code +47

Good to know

Norway is accessible by plane, train, boat, bus or car. Flights to Norway arrive at Oslo Airport, which is the main hub and gateway to the country. At the airport, you can also exchange foreign money into the currency of Norway as well as collect your hire car. The minimum age to rent a car in Norway is 19 years but this limit can increase depending on the category of vehicle that you are renting. In addition, you must have held your licence for at least a year. Drivers under 25 years may also need to pay a surcharge. People in Norway drive on the right side of the road and overtake from the left. Unless otherwise indicated, such as on some dual-lane carriageways where the speed limit is 110km/h, the general speed limits are 80km/h in sparsely populated areas and 50km/h in built-up areas. Speed control equipment is very common and speeding is strongly penalised. The legal blood-alcohol limit is 20 mg alcohol per 100 ml of blood, meaning drinking any alcohol at all should be avoided when driving here.

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Our tour suggestion for Norway

Consider driving down one of the 18 Scenic Routes, formerly known as the National Tourist Routes, which together stretch for 2,136 kilometres. One of the most picturesque is the Lofoten route – from Å to Raftsundet. The area is known for outstanding fishing, mountain peaks, and some of the most impressive arctic fjords in Norway. The longest trip is the 433km drive from Holm to Gødoystraumen taking you across the Arctic Circle, past Saltstraumen, a strait with some of the fiercest currents in the world. You'll also pass the Torghatten, a granite mountain with a natural tunnel through its centre and diverse Vega Islands. If you love mountain scenery but don’t fancy a long journey, drive the 75km stretch from Venabygdsfjellet to Folldall and see Rondane, the country’s first national park on an untouched mountain plateau. The park has 10 mountain peaks and is an important habitat of wild reindeer.

What to taste in Norway

Kjøttkaker, seasoned pan-fried minced meat served with peas or cabbage, is a typical dish that families in Norway eat. Preserved fish is another dish that you must try such as the plukkfisk, boiled and deboned salt fish folded into mashed potato. Not to be missed while in Norway is Bergen fiskesuppe, a delectable fish soup similar to the famous bouillabaisse of Marseille. Meat lovers should also sample pinnekjøtt, salted and dried sheep ribs, while raspeballer is a dish made of mashed potato balls cooked with several cuts of sheep or pork. For dessert, try svele, which are like American pancakes and topped with syrup or Norwegian cheese.