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The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is a small country featuring rich cultural heritage, scenic landscapes, delicious cuisine, and picturesque towns and cities. With most of its territory located below or barely above sea level, this nation of north-western Europe is famous for tulip fields and windmills. Dairy farms producing world-famous cheeses such as Gouda and Edam are abundant throughout the countryside. Due to the country's small size and many points of interest, renting a car in the Netherlands is an ideal option for you to get around and make the most of your visit.

It’s your choice: Where to go in Netherlands

Upon landing at Schiphol near Amsterdam, the main airport in the Netherlands, there are many natural and human-made attractions less than 200km away from you. Tour the city of Amsterdam, one of the top destinations in Europe, and admire its UNESCO-designated canals, colourful houses and expansive parks abounding with wildlife. You can land at Rotterdam The Hague airport and explore Rotterdam, a modern city with skyscrapers defining its skyline. While you are around Rotterdam, use the opportunity to visit the four royal palaces of The Hague and Delft. Delft is the birthplace of the renowned Dutch painter Vermeer, and the city where the story of the 'Girl with a Pearl Earring' novel unfolds. Eindhoven, with the second largest airport in the Netherlands, is ideal for fans of outdoor activities (large parks) and modern art (Van Abbemuseum). You may also fly to Groningen in the north to enjoy rich nightlife and visit unique museums, such as Tobacco and Comic museums.

Things to do in the Netherlands

Tulip fields of the Netherlands, located in the northern part of Holland (northwest of Amsterdam), are one of the staples of the nation. Visit this part of the country to admire the vast expanses of multi-coloured flowers arranged in straight lines. The Keukenhof Gardens property, one of the world's largest gardens, features flowery paths winding through a verdant environment. Besides tulips, you will find daffodils and bluebells among other flowers grown there. The best time of the year to visit flowery fields and Keukenhof tulip gardens is around mid-April. Netherlands windmills are iconic landmarks of the Dutch countryside. These structures used to drain water from the lowlands first, but the producers found them useful for gin production at some point. Zaanse Schans, near Amsterdam, boasts a big collection of authentic windmills, while the windmills of Schiedam, around 30 metres tall, are the world's largest. In summer, visit Zandvoort Beach, west of Amsterdam, to enjoy water sports, cycle or have fun at beach bars.

Important info about Netherlands

The Netherlands is mostly a flat country, intersected by rivers, canals and lakes. By travelling through Holland, you may find occasional low rolling hills, while the highest peak, Vaalserberg (322 metres), lies to the south at the base of the Ardennes. The geography of the Netherlands supports large-scale livestock growing. When you visit the country, tour its dairy farms to taste the best of the local cheese. Consider visiting cheese markets that take place in the cities of Gouda, Edam, Woerden and Alkmaar. Think about renting a car in the Netherlands to tour its national parks. Explore sand dunes and dense forests of Hoge Veluwe NP by riding a bike or admire sandy expanses of Dunes of Loon and Drunen. Visit Weerribben-Wieden NP for a canoe ride on its lakes and canals in the shade of lush forests.

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Country Netherlands
Language Dutch
Currency Euro
Time-Zones CET
Country Code +31

Good to know

Driving is the best way of getting around in the Netherlands since the small country features an extensive and well-maintained network of roads. Well-placed signposts mark the roads, but you may find a Netherlands map useful while driving. Always drive on the right-hand side and adhere to the speed limits, which are 130km/h on motorways, 100km/h on roads and 50km/h in towns if not stated differently. The maximum allowed blood alcohol level is 0.5ml, which corresponds to a small beer. To rent a car in the Netherlands, travellers need to be at least 19 years old and a driving licence for a minimum of one year. Fastening safety belts is mandatory for everyone in the car and you may only have short telephone conversations with hands-free technology while driving. To pay for parking throughout Holland, use cash and credit and debit cards.

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Our tour suggestion for Netherlands

There are many scenic routes for you to explore in Holland by car, and Groningen - Zwolle is one of them. Driving along this 100km-long route takes you by canals, green valleys and groves. When you are near Meppel, visit nearby Giethoorn, featuring canals lined by houses with thatched rooftops. The province of Utrecht has the Utrecht Hill Ridge route featuring sandy expanses about 50km long. Driving along the seaside of the Netherlands from Alkmaar to Middelburg takes you past colourful tulip fields, farms producing cheese, towns with winding canals, and windmills. Explore the area around Kinderdijk near Rotterdam to appreciate the windmills that are UNESCO sites. When you approach Middelburg, you will drive over Zeeland Bridge, the nation's longest bridge that measures over 5km. While crossing, the aquatic vastness surrounds you from all sides.

What to taste in Netherlands

The Netherlands are famous for maintaining the highest standards of its cuisine. The diet here bases more on vegetables and fruit than on meat, but gourmands don't need to worry. Erwtensoep is a soup beloved by the locals that contains peas, onions, carrots and slices of pork among other ingredients. Bitterballen are meatballs (or mushrooms for vegetarians) coated in breadcrumbs and eggs. Poffertjes are pancakes made of buckwheat flour and yeast served with butter and powdered sugar or syrup. Appeltaart is an apple pie whose recipe dates back to the 16th century. Besides apples, typical ingredients of this dessert are cinnamon, lemon juice and sugar, with occasional extras such as currants and raisins.