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Situated in the northern Lombardy region, Milan is Italy's second-largest city and offers year-round delights for visitors. Even though Milan is best known for its designer fashion labels, the city is also known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture. While in Milan, you can enjoy the opera, admire artworks, watch a football match, or sample delicious Italian flavours. Rent a car in Milan to discover the city's many magnificent historical treasures.

It’s your choice: Where to go in Munich

Visiting the central Marienplatz is one of the top things to do in Munich. The New City Hall dominates this beautiful square with its tall tower featuring the famous Glockenspiel. Every day at 11am, noon and (usually) 5pm, the Glockenspiel stages a 15min performance referring to the history of the city. Marienplatz is the focal point for the traditional Munich Christmas market, featuring stalls selling artwork and food among other things. For an unforgettable view of the colourful square, climb the tower of the adjacent Saint Peter's Church. The English Garden is the largest park in the Bavarian capital, ideal for walking, biking and jogging. In summer, experienced surfers go to Eisbach, the channel of the River Isar flowing through the park, to ride its strong waves. The Nymph's Palace, located around 15min from the downtown by car, features rococo and baroque styles and a large wooded park with gardens and a canal.

Things to do in Munich

Munich beer halls are icons of the capital of Bavaria where locals and travellers interact over a cup of beer and dine on hearty dishes. Fans of beer and folk art should attend the Oktoberfest, the festival taking place from September to October. The location of Oktoberfest in Munich is Theresienwiese, a fairground some 2km west of Marienplatz, and you should book accommodation well in advance to attend the event. Olympic Park Munich is a large entertainment and leisure complex located about 5km from the central square. While there, visit the Olympic Tower, Sea Life Aquarium and the Rock Museum. If you rent a car in Munich, you should visit the famous Neuschwanstein Castle perched atop a hill and surrounded by a forest. The neo-Romanesque masterpiece complement the nearby snow-capped mountains and features artworks depicting scenes of Wagner's operas. To get from Munich to Neuschwanstein Castle, follow the A96 road to Landsberg am Lech and take B17 to the south from there.

Important info about Munich

The city of Munich is flat for the most part, with the Olympic Park occupying one of the highest points in the destination. You can admire the cityscape and take excellent photos from there, especially if you climb the Olympic Tower. The views reveal a sprawling city with the occasional monument such as a church tower or tall building defining the skyline. Munich has many attractive parks and lakes, with the forested English Garden and Feldmochinger Lake being the largest among them. Court Garden, with flowers and fountains, and Fasanerie Lake, popular among swimmers, are other favourite natural attractions within the city limits. Munich is among the top culinary destinations in Europe. The Bavarian cuisine features many hearty dishes based on meat and dumplings. Many bars and restaurants offer specialities of the international cuisine. Regardless of your budget, there are diverse dining options to choose from in the culinary capital of South Germany.

Weather in Munich
Country Germany
Language German
Currency Euro
Time-Zones CET (CEST)
Country Code +49

Good to know

Direct flights to Munich are available from all around the world, with aeroplanes taking off from destinations in Europe, North America and the Middle East for the most part. Holidaymakers considering renting a car in Munich should note that traffic is heavy in central areas during rush hours, while many streets are one-way. Many underground garages and parking areas on the streets provide paid and free parking. The speed limit in the city is 50km/h if not stated otherwise, and speed controls are frequent. Drive on the right-hand side, ensure that you and your fellow travellers have fastened front and back seat belts, and remember the low-emission sticker to enter the downtown area. To hire a small car, you need to be at least 19 years old, while visitors older than 21 can rent large cars. The minimum age for driving in Germany is 18, and the maximum allowed alcohol level per millilitre of blood is 0.5 milligrams, typically equalling two small beers.

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What to taste in Munich

Bavarian sausages, served in a roll and spiced with mustard, are tasty specialities for enjoying on the go. Schweinshaxe is a satiating food based on ham served with tomato dumplings. Schnitzel is the piece of meat coated in a mixture of flour, bread crumbs and eggs, fried afterwards and accompanied with sauce, potatoes and mushrooms. Leberknödel is a spiced soup whose main ingredients are the beef liver, onions and bread. If you like sugary desserts, pay a visit to bakeries and order Kuchen (cakes), which, in addition to being very sweet, tends to be quite large. When ordering unavoidable Dark, Original or Munich White beers, accompany them with a pretzel for the best experience.

What to bring to your friends from Munich

Since the Bavarian capital is famous for beer, a beer glass, which costs about €10, is an ideal souvenir you can take home to a friend of yours. Heilemann Chocolates are top-quality chocolates featuring different tastes such as vanilla and orange flavours. Trendy scarves, usually priced between €20 and €80, are other popular items you can buy in Munich. Cuckoo clocks, available in diverse shapes, designs and sizes, are popular souvenirs among most travellers. Lebkuchen, Christmas cakes in the shape of a heart, is a delicious speciality that also serves as decoration.