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It is a good idea to rent a car when visiting Leipzig. You avoid depending on public transport or expensive taxis, and you can easily get to the more off-the-grid attractions in the city. Discover the city independently and at your own pace.

It's your choice: Where to go in Leipzig

Flights from London to Leipzig are an easy and practical option, and it takes less than 20 minutes to drive from Leipzig/Halle airport into the city centre, so a rental car is the quickest option in this case. Around Karl-Liebknecht Street, there are a number of record shops and quirky coffee stops and cafes. It is one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Leipzig, and it's well worth a visit to view the impressive street art as well as arty hangouts. The centre of Leipzig is a fantastic place to stay; here you can enjoy the shops, restaurants and bars. A number of Leipzig's popular sights and museums are also in the centre of the city. Only a few kilometres outside of Leipzig lies Kulkwitzer See, a breathtaking lake that you can drive to in less than 30 minutes. It is difficult to access this lake with public transport, so it is definitely worth renting a car in order to visit this natural wonder!

Things to do in Leipzig

The memorial Völkerschlachtdenkmal provides an important historical background to some of Leipzig's rich history in its museum, as well as having a fantastic view of the entire city from the viewing platform at the top of the memorial. RB Leipzig is the biggest football team in the city and they play their games at the Red Bull Arena Leipzig. You can buy tickets online and at the stadium ticket office to watch a team in Germany's highest division play. Stadium tours are also available and offer visitors the chance to experience the behind the scenes at the 42,000 capacity stadium. For fans of animals and nature, Leipzig Zoo is home to a range of animals from all around the world. The park has six themes representing different parts of the world. here you can see a myriad of different animals and plants. Bach House Leipzig gives guests of the city a chance to discover more about the legendary composer who made his home in Leipzig, 400 years ago. Concerts also occur here in the summer, including Bachfest, the popular festival celebrating the works of Bach and his contemporaries.

Important info about Leipzig

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Weather in Leipzig
Country Germany
Language German
Currency Euro
Time-Zones CET
Country Code +49

Good to know

Like the rest of mainland Europe, when driving a car in Leipzig, you drive on the right hand side of the road which is important to note when renting a car. Whilst flights to Leipzig airport are the quickest option, the city is situated less than an hour and a half away from Berlin, so flying into Berlin and driving down to Leipzig can also be a quick and inexpensive alternative. When driving in the city centre, it is important to obtain an emissions sticker (Umweltplakette) if you rent a car in Leipzig from outside of Germany, but these are easy to obtain and inexpensive.

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What to taste in Leipzig

Leipzig has an excellent selection of restaurants, cafes and other eateries that cater for all dietary requirements and preferences. Tastes of traditional German food are readily available, and there are a range of restaurants in Leipzig that offer meat dishes etc. For non-meat eaters, Leipzig plays host to a number of vegetarian and vegan restaurants, making it one of the most vegan friendly cities in the whole of Europe. If you wish to try something less traditionally German, though still a significant part of German food culture, there are a number of Turkish restaurants, cafes and kiosks that offer traditional Turkish food based around shawarma meat, kebab meat, halloumi and falafel. When it comes to drinks, there are a number of traditional pubs where you can enjoy a German beer, as well as cocktail bars if you prefer something sweeter to drink.

What to bring to your friends from Leipzig

An excellent gift for you to bring your friends from Leipzig is some music, due to the rich musical history of Leipzig. Perhaps a CD of Bach's and Mendelssohn's works, or a more general compilation of works from the Leipzig Opera. If your friends are interested in history, a gift that represents Leipzig's time as a city in the GDR is a perfect memento for them. Almost all cities in Germany have their preferred beer and Leipzig, of course, has breweries of its own, so for your friends who like to taste new beers from new places, one of Leipzig's very own beers gives them a taste of the city that you have visited. Should your trip be in December, then what better gift to bring your family than some authentic Christmas decorations from the Leipzig Christmas Markets? A souvenir and Christmas present all in one!