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Rent a car on Guadeloupe to explore this spectacular archipelago with ease. The beach resorts of Grande-Terre and the mountainous heights of Basse-Terre are yours to discover when you rent a car for your Guadeloupe vacation. Flit about between the best places to visit on this butterfly-shaped island group. As you drive around Guadeloupe, you'll see unforgettable sights such as the emerald-green oasis of Guadeloupe National Park, overlooked by the stately La Soufrière volcano.

It's your choice: Where to go on Guadeloupe

Getting to Guadeloupe's best attractions is simple, since it's easy to rent a car on Guadeloupe. Convenient car hires from Pointe-à-Pitre International Airport facilitate your journey. From most major world cities, you can find flights bringing you closer to Guadeloupe's volcanos and famous beaches. Once you've landed, head to Grande Anse Beach, known for its paradisiacal white sand and turquoise water. Orientate yourself with a Guadeloupe island map and venture out to explore the archipelago's glittering attractions. Should you wish to start your adventure with some snorkelling, head to Saint-Francois just along the coast. From there, it's a swift ferry trip to Marie-Galante, where you can discover the Murat Eco-Museum and the dramatic rock formations of Gueule Grande Gouffre. Also known as the 'big pancake', the island certainly offers the sweet life, with its perfect beaches and historic distilleries. Poisson Distillery produces the best-known rum in the region, while Bellevue sits adjacent to a picturesque antique windmill.

What to do on Guadeloupe

When you get to Guadeloupe, you'll find plenty of ways to keep busy. Travel to the charming fishing village of Deshaies, for instance, and a flavorful feast of Guadeloupe's national dishes await. Close to Grand Anse Beach, one of Guadeloupe's most popular windsurfing destinations, the village is surrounded by a forest of bobbing yacht masts. Taste some of Guadeloupe's seafood specialities and jump into Guadeloupe's nightlife at the seafront rum bars (rhumeries). For culture vultures, the Slavery Museum is one of Guadeloupe's most enthralling attractions. The world's largest slavery museum, it combines a powerful range of perspectives with ergonomic architecture. If you're somehow stuck for what to do on Guadeloupe, the Grand Cul-de-Sac Marin Nature Reserve is worth seeing. Teeming with marine life, the waters are protected by a 25km-long coral 'fence' and fronted by magnificent white-sand beaches.

Important info about Guadeloupe

If you're plotting the best beaches on Guadeloupe on a map, mark an 'X' on Bois Jolan Beach, Guadeloupe's most family-friendly destination. This coconut-tree-lined stretch of white sand shelves gently into turquoise water that's protected by coral reef. Basse-Terre is home to some of Guadeloupe's dreamiest beaches, while swathes of sand overlooked by leafy gardens wait to be discovered in Deshaies, and beaches abutted by waterfalls and a temple await in Capesterre-Belle-Eau. Car rentals in Guadeloupe also enable you to journey effortlessly from the country's languid beaches to more volatile natural attractions. The stratovolcano in Guadeloupe, La Grande Soufrière, is another highlight to pencil into your vacation itinerary. The highest peak in the Lesser Antilles, it pierces the cobalt sky at 1,467 meters in height. This active volcano attracted famous filmmaker Werner Herzog to its dramatic slopes, where he made the short film La Soufrière in 1977.

Weather in Basse Terre, Guadeloupe
Country France
Language French
Currency Euro
Time-Zones Atlantic Time (GMT-4)
Country Code +590

Good to know

Getting to Guadeloupe's array of sublime island destinations is easy. Hop on nonstop flights from New York, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Atlanta, or Montreal. Transfers from major world cities run through Puerto Rico and Costa Rica, while regular ferries connect the islands with world ports. Car rental on Guadeloupe is readily available at Pointe-à-Pitre Airport. Guadeloupeans drive on the right-hand side, using the left lane for passing. Speed limits on motorways range between 90km/h and 110km/h, falling to 50km/h in densely populated areas. You may have to pay a small toll on highways. Most roads are in excellent condition, though winding (with stunning views), and road signs follow European conventions. Only major gas stations accept credit cards, and don't forget to avoid parking beneath palm trees: they can drop coconuts onto your vehicle!

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Our tour suggestion for Guadeloupe

Vacationing on Guadeloupe offers a wealth of sights and experiences, and they're within easier reach when you rent a car. While you may not be able to see the whole archipelago in your car, you can cover most of Grande-Terre and Basse-Terre, the eastern and western parts of the main island, and hop on a ferry to see the smaller islands. For a tour of Guadeloupe, start in Pointe-à-Pitre and head to the small town of Ste-Anne to see its pristine lagoon. From there, go to the coastal town of St-François and then east toward the Pointe des Châteaux, a peninsula overlooking the island of La Désirade. Head to Le Moule and sample the product at the Damoiseau Distillery before heading to the cane fields of northern Grande-Terre and then Deshaies and the mangroves of northern Basse-Terre. Check out the Sofaïa Springs, uncovered by an earthquake in 1843, and the Parc des Mamelles tropical forest in Bouillante. For the grand finale, gape at the Grande Soufrière stratovolcano before driving back along the coast to Pointe-à-Pitre.

What to bring to your friends from Guadeloupe

Why not give your friends a little bit of the archipelago after your Guadeloupe vacation? If you're shopping at the airport's duty-free shop, one of the best options is Guadeloupe's's superb rum. Bottled sunshine, rum mixes beautifully with fruit juices in quenching cocktails that will stir your mirage-like memories of this special destination. Some local favourites include Rhum Bielle 2002, Karukera Rhum Blanc Agricole, and stunning Rhum de Pere Labat. After driving through Guadeloupe's flower-lined parks, take those vibrant colours home with you in the form of local artisanal crafts and zinging confitures and spice mixes. Visit the Artist Village in Ste-Anne, or the beguiling Maison de la Noix de Coco in St-François to indulge in retail therapy.