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Rent a car in Dublin so you can easily explore all that this city and the surrounding areas have to offer without having to rely on taxis and public transport. There is so much to see in the outer suburbs of Dublin and parking is generally very easy to find. Having a rental car allows you to take day trips outside of the city. Explore the rich history of this city and the incredible culture of Ireland.

It's your choice: Where to go in Dublin

Dublin Airport is now one of the busiest hubs in Europe and it is easy to get direct flights to Dublin from most countries in Europe and the major airports in the United States. The airport is about 10kms outside of the city and it is an easy drive into the city centre. The alternative is to take a ferry across from Holyhead in the UK and arriving at Dublin Port with is just outside the city centre. As Ireland is an island there are no train or road options for arriving in Dublin from overseas. Flying is the fastest option but the ferry is a scenic and fun way to start your adventure to Ireland. There are now plenty of cheap flights to Dublin and Dublin airport parking is easy to find for those wanting to Rent a car in Dublin.

Things to do in Dublin

Visit the iconic Temple Bar, that has been operational since the early 1300s. The outside of the bar is painted bright red and is easy to recognize. Go inside to spend a happy evening with locals and tourists alike enjoying a pint of Guinness or a few Irish whiskeys. Head to St. James Gate Brewery, the Guinness storehouse and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland. A tour will take you up seven stories and through the history of beer brewing in Dublin. At the end of the tour, you can head to the Sky Bar to enjoy a pint of Guinness and incredible views over the city. Take in the beauty of St. Patrick's Cathedral that was founded in 1191. The architecture is incredible and inside you will find over 800 years worth of Irish history.

Important info about Dublin

Dublin has a very picturesque setting at the mouth of the River Liffey. The city is bordered by the Wicklow mountains, a low mountain range which is an ideal place for locals to escape hectic city life. The food in Dublin is very traditional and relies on staples such as butter, barley, fish, and meat. In recent years, Dublin has become part of the world food scene and you are likely to find world-class dining in the city. There are some amazing dishes to try that you will remember for years to come. The city is surrounded by places of natural beauty such as Sugar Loaf, Lough Tay, Greystones, and Kildare Village. The Wicklow Mountains that border the city are known as the garden of Ireland because of their breathtaking natural beauty.

Weather in Dublin
Country Republic of Ireland
Language Gaelic and English
Currency Euro
Time-Zones GMT
Country Code +353

Good to know

There are a few important things to note about driving in Ireland if you rent a car in Dublin. Speed signs are in kilometres, not miles in Dublin but if you cross over into Northern Ireland, the signs are in miles. Drivers sit on the right side of the car and you will need to drive on the left-hand side of the road. If you are from any European country, the United Kingdom or the United States, you will not need an International Drivers Permit to drive in Ireland. Those traveling from the United States and any European country do not need a visa to visit Dublin. If you are from any other country, you will need to check your visa requirements with your local Republic of Ireland embassy. You can travel to Dublin by air or by ferry from the United Kingdom. There are no specific vaccinations required for travel to Dublin and the Republic of Ireland.

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What to taste in Dublin

The beef and lamb in the Republic of Ireland are regarded as some of the best in the world, and you certainly need to try some of the meat dishes available. One of the best dishes for lamb is a traditional Irish stew that is made with lamb, potatoes, onions and rosemary. The Irish love eating bread and one of the traditional forms is soda bread. This bread is made using baking soda instead of yeast to help it raise. Soda Bread comes in both brown and white varieties and is served with most meals. Seafood is a very important part of Irish cuisine and one of the best options is the delicious and basic dish known as cockles and mussels. The dish was made famous by an old Irish song, "Molly Malone". The seafood is boiled and served with butter and herbs.

What to bring to your friends from Dublin

There are plenty of amazing gifts from Dublin that your friends back home will love. A Claddagh ring is worn by both men and women and depending on how you wear the ring it shows your relationships status. The ring symbolizes love, friendship, and loyalty. Aran wool knits are a traditional style of clothing that has become popular as a souvenir. Pick up a sweater, scarf or hat to keep your friends back home warm and stylish. The wool is made from local sheep and there are a wide variety of styles to choose from. Dublin is known as a centre for beautiful pottery. You can get some truly stunning pieces from well-known pottery brands to take home. Some of the best pieces are made by Belleek and Kiltrea Pottery.