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If you rent a car in Copenhagen, you'll have access to all the city has to offer. Cars drive on the right side of the road and speed limits are often clearly marked. Your licence should be valid for at last one year. If visiting from outside Europe, you’ll need an international driving licence. Copenhagen is a compact city – once your flight to Copenhagen has landed, you can pick up your Copenhagen car hire and drive only 20 minutes to city centre.

It's your choice: Where to go in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is broken up into several unique districts – each with their own exciting personality. Vesterbro is Copenhagen’s capital of cool, buzzing with trendy tattoo shops, cosy cafés and chicly decorated hostels. For a more raw feel with the same hip vibe, check out Kødbyen also known as the Meatpacking district. This artsy district has galleries alongside hip burger joints and cocktail bars. For those who enjoy a more laid back atmosphere, Nørrebro sits just outside of the city centre and provides the excitement and beauty of Copenhagen while giving you a break from the busier city centre. Østerbro is known as a family friendly district that just so happens to be one of the greenest areas of the city. While in Østerbro, you can see the famous Little Mermaid statue and spend the day wandering and picnicking in Fælledparken.

Things to do in Copenhagen

In Nyhavn you’ll find colourful waterfront houses and traditional Copenhagen restaurants lining the harbour. Visit Magasin du Nord, Scandinavia’s oldest and largest department store, for some shopping. This is also the square where you will find the Royal Theatre and the Academy of Fine Arts. Christiania Copenhagen has plenty of bohemian charm. During the holiday, Christiania has an indoor Christmas market where you can buy mulled wine, almonds, and handcrafted souvenirs. Cars aren’t allowed in the district so you’ll need to find parking nearby and walk. In the city centre is Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, the second oldest operating amusement park in the world! Parking facilities are close to the park and a parking permit Copenhagen is easily accessible. Rosenborg Castle is only an 8 minute drive from city centre. This 15th century castle has gardens that are open to the public. You can also tour the castle and view the coronation thrones and the crown jewels.

Important info about Copenhagen

One visit to Copenhagen and you’ll see how important bicycles are to Danish culture. They are a mode of transportation but also a sense of pride and an important aspect of family bonding. You’ll often see parents cycling their children to school in cargo bikes. Be sure to heed all street signs especially in Copenhagen's city centre where bicycles can outnumber cars! It’s impossible to miss how eco-friendly the city is. In fact, more than 60% of the city’s hotels are green while much of the food served to the public is certified organic. During the warmer months, many Copenhagen residents enjoy time outside – you'll often see them enjoying lunch on bridges or in the many parks. But they also make the most of the cold weather by enjoying a glass of mulled wine at a Christmas market.

Weather in Copenhagen
Country Denmark
Language Danish
Currency Danish krone
Time-Zones Central European Time
Country Code +45

Good to know

Denmark has been rated the happiest country in the world for the past 7 years. This good spirit is infectious to visitors as the clean air, high respect for health and pleasant quality of life provide the perfect destination for your visit! The Danes value high-quality social interaction and combat stress with intentional living. Locals are very friendly but also a little withdrawn so you may have to initiate interaction. It may come as a surprise to some, but Denmark doesn’t use the Euro. Instead, they use the krone. Regarding tipping, it is not necessarily expected, but much appreciated. Copenhagen is a charming mix of old and new – history sitting alongside some modern architectural feats. But some practices, such as not crossing on a red light, are still customary.

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What to visit in the surroundings of Copenhagen

Dragør is a fishing village that’s a 25 minute drive outside of Copenhagen is often considered one of the most beautiful villages in Denmark. Wander the tiny streets and check out the cosy cottages as you make your way to the harbour where picturesque views await. Nature buffs will enjoy Møns Klint on the pretty island of Møn where the cliffs are formed out of natural chalk. The Blue Planet, Denmark's national aquarium, is just an 18 minute drive from Copenhagen's city centre. This remarkable aquarium is home to eels, hammerhead sharks, coral and many more exotic aquatic creatures. A visit to Swedish Malmö is a great reason to rent a car in Copenhagen as it's only a one hour drive from Copenhagen. Here you can visit Malmöhus Castle, Scandinavia’s oldest preserved Renaissance style castle. There's plenty of shopping and restaurants in Malmö to round up your day.

The best souvenirs to bring home

After visiting the Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen, your friends will love a replica figurine to adorn their home. If you visit during colder months, a handmade scarf will provide a cosy, colourful memento for your friends. Honour Copenhagen's love of bicycles and strong sense of design with a beautifully made bicycle bell. Design fanatics will love Danish designed home decor, including furniture and wall hangings. And don’t forget to stop by the Christmas markets at Christiania or Tivoli Gardens to pick up some goodies for your friends. You can also get a stuffed version of Denmark's favourite elf "Nisse" during the holiday season. If you want to share Hygge, the Scandinavian art of being cosy and having meaningful interactions, bring home a Hygge-scented candle or some marcipan confectionary. Royal Copenhagen porcelain products are a unique way remember your trip with every cup of tea you drink.