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Rent a car in Canada for an economically friendly and easy way to explore this vast nation. Given the country's extensive coastal roads and spectacular beaches, exploring with a car is the best, and in many cases, the only way to get around. Outside major cities, the roads are quiet and well-maintained. Driving lets you make the most of this fantastic destination.

It's your choice: Where to go in Canada

Despite the expansive land, the greater majority of Canadians live in the southern half of the country. Canadians have a sense of pride in their culture, history, and the beautiful landscapes of their land. Top cities such as Quebec, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal possess rich cultural and historical treasures. Though expansive, moving from one city to the next is not stressful because the whole country is well connected. Major cities are all within a few hours of flight. The country boasts some of the best airports in the world, which include Vancouver International Airport, Toronto Pearson International Airport, Calgary International Airport, and Montréal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. One place with natural beauty and historical sites is Calgary. The city is famous for the Calgary Stampede which takes place in July. At night, there are fireworks, Carnival rides, musical entertainment, and Canadian carnival food. Other places worth visiting are Quebec City, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, and Niagara Falls.

What to do in Canada

Niagara Falls consists of three magnificent falls. They offer beautiful views even during the night; the fireworks and colours at night are magnificent. Be sure to take the Hornblower to have a closer view of the fall, hear the deafening pound of falling water, and feel the wind blowing. Standing at a height of 553 metres, the CN Tower offers the best dining and entertainment experience. If you have kids, they’ll have a blast on the glass floor. Visiting Notre-Dame Basilica is one of the best ways to spend time in Montreal. It’s the Oldest Catholic Church in Montreal, dating back to 1665. What’s most amazing is the intricately designed interior and the evening Aura sound. Hockey is Canada’s famous sport and official pastime and part of Canada’s culture. Whether it’s a national or a local team playing, the action and atmosphere of the game will hook even the most lacklustre sports fan.

Important info about Canada

Canada has a fascinating natural scenery that ranges from the scrubby semi-desert of the British Columbia to the freezing of the Arctic Circle. By renting a car in Canada, you will have a unique opportunity to experience endless natural wonders such as snow-clad mountains, breath-taking waterfalls, untouched forests, deep lakes, beaches and even the magical northern lights! Canada’s culinary contribution is also rich and diverse. It ranges from rich desserts with puzzling histories to century-old savoury soups. Some authentic Canadian foods include the orininal Poutine, Caesar, Beaver Trails, Butter Tarts, Canadian bacon, and Canadian Pizza. The country pride itself as home to some of the biggest ski area, oldest cities, and ethnically diverse areas. Canada’s top cities are home to several award-winning restaurants.

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Good to know

If you’re visiting Canada for a short period, then you may not cover every part of the country. The mistake that most travellers make is scheduling limited time for Canadian trips. As a result, they end up rushing from one spot to the next spot. The distances are enormous. So, if you’re there for a few days, consider covering only a small section of Canada. Another thing you should consider in your plan is the weather. This vast country covers many different climates, from tundra to warm continental temperatures, so you can adjust your trip to whichever climate you prefer. And as you know: there is no bad weather – only bad attire. It is always good to be well prepared, so be sure to rent your car and accommodation in Canada in time.

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Our tour suggestion for Canada

With its vast landscape, Canada offers several tour options and scenic drives. One of the best is Icefield Parkway in Alberta which stretches 230km through the heart of Jasper and Banff National parks. The best bits include hiking at Panther Falls, taking a ride on Lake Louise for the best view of dramatic glaciers, alpine wildflowers, and bubbling springs. An exceptional way to explore the Canadian landscape is to follow the Sea-to-Sky route, also known as Highway 99. Taking you through forests and mountains and along the stunning coast, this 164km journey between Vancouver and Whistle lets you visit local attractions along the way. Highway 4 (Pacific Rim Highway) is another route that offers an enjoyable experience. The 150km stretch from Parkville to Tofino passes through ancient forests, lakes, and mountain ranges. Once you get to Tofino, relax and enjoy the small-charming town surrounded by spectacular vistas of Clayoquot and Pacific Ocean.

What to bring to your friends from Canada

A holiday in a place like Canada is overwhelming considering the number of activities you have to cover. You’ll still need to get your friends something that represents Canadian life. Top of the list is the maple syrup. Who wouldn't want a bottle of this sweet, golden elexir as a souvenir. Inuksuk are ancient stone formations created by the native Inuit peoples of Canada. They can be admired at several National Historic Sites around the country. A model of an Inuksuk, representing the craftmanship and culture of the Inuits, is the perfect souvenir for your dad or history interested friend. Rewarding your friends with Insta-Snow is a perfect way to extend the experience of the Great White North. And don't forget the youngest members of the family. How about a stuffed toy moose or bear as a cuddly friend from the north?