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Calvi, located in the Haute-Corse department of France, is renowned for its beaches and horseshoe-shaped bay. If you are planning a seaside holiday, rent a car in Calvi so that you can go to different beaches each day, do excursions, and run errands. With a car rental in Calvi, it’s easy to go places, visit attractions, and enjoy the night life without relying on public transportation or expensive cabs. Plus, you'll save money if you’re travelling as a family or a group.

It's your choice: Where to go in Calvi

La Citadelle de Calvi was constructed during the 13th century when the town was under Genoese occupation. The fortified citadel protected Calvi from invasions and raids. Stroll along its paved alleys and enjoy the superb views from its five bastions. Discover the Cathedrale St. Jean Baptiste which houses the ebony Christ des Miracles believed to have saved Calvi from a Saracen occupation in 1533. Another place that’s highly recommended is L'Île-Rousse, adjacent to Calvi, dotted with gorgeous beaches and an outstanding square lined with Corsican pine. Walk, climb the lighthouse and absorb the spectacular views. Treat yourself to gastronomical products and fresh produce at the 21-Column Covered Market. Don’t forget the Reserve Naturelle de Scandola, accessible only by glass-bottomed boats. Take in the beautiful sights of mottled volcanic pink rocks and wildlife such as seals and dolphins.

Things to do in Calvi

Calvi is all about gorgeous deserted beaches that you can have to yourself during off season such as spring and autumn. The 4.5km stretch of sand is the perfect place for sun worshippers and water lovers. When you rent a car in Calvi, it is hassle-free to discover secluded beaches and coves, visit the Golfe de Calvi and the marina. It also is convenient to head to diving spots if you plan to go snorkelling in Corse or Calvi. If you have enough of the sun and the sea, visit historic sites in the area. The Notre Dame de la Serra is a mountaintop chapel offering magnificent views of the city and the beautiful ocean. It is reachable by a car hire in Calvi, but if you’re up to walking, you can also reach the place this way. The Revellata is not only famous for its lighthouse on the peninsula tip, it also has hiking trails in the wilderness. For boat and yacht lovers, admire these beautiful beasts at the Marine de Sant Ambroggio. If you’re craving for an adventure, go on a trip to the Grotte des Veaux Marines which is a picturesque sea cave. It was once the home of monk seals and today it attracts visitors and divers.

Important info about Calvi

Calvi is on the north west coast of Corsica facing the coast of Cote d’Azur and sits at an elevation of 20 metres. Around the area are stunning mountain peaks that form a fabulous background. It enjoys a mild climate making it a year-round travel destination. Wild boar is the most celebrated dish in Calvi, and it may be served with pasta or polenta. Sample Civet de Sanglier which is a hearty casserole. It is mixed with olives, fennel, chestnuts, and eau de vie. Veau aux Olives is a slow-cooked stew made with tomatoes, wine, and herbs. Seafood and fish also feature prominently on menus, and you’ll find a good selection of dishes based on these ingredients. Brousse is a delicious cow’s cheese while charcuterie or cured meats are very popular in Calvi, Corsica.

Weather in Calvi
Country France
Language French
Currency Euro
Time-Zones CET
Country Code +33

Good to know

If you’re taking the plane, your flight to Calvi will touch down at Calvi Airport. It is also possible to take the ferry from mainland France (Nice and Savona) to reach the town or from Sardinia to Calvi. The minimum age to rent a car is 21 years and drivers below 25 years require a young driver's insurance. Residents drive on the right and overtake from the left lane. It is forbidden to use a mobile phone when driving or even when the light is red. Drinking and driving attract penalties and a temporary driving ban. The BAC limit is 0,05%. The maximum speed limit on Corsican roads is 90km/h but due to the winding roads, lower speeds are advisable.

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What to visit in the surroundings of Calvi

The town is a good starting point for short trips and excursions in the area. One such journey is a scenic drive along the coastal road (DB81), just below the citadel. The Route de Porto will take you to the Pointe de la Revellata which is the nearest point on the island to mainland France. Enjoy the view of the lighthouse and the shimmering bright green water. When you reach the point, park your car and walk downhill to the Plage de l’Alga and grab a seafood lunch. If you’d like better views of the bay area in Calvi, drive another 1.5kms in the direction of the Chapelle Notre Dame de la Serra. From the chapel, you can see impressive panoramas of the bay and the Reginu Valley.

What to bring to your friends from Calvi

Corsica produces good quality wines including the Muscat du Cap Corse which you can bring as a present to your friends or family. Beautiful handmade music boxes from the Strada di l’Artigiani in Pigna just outside of Calvi make wonderful gifts for anyone in the family. Other things that you can bring back home are blown glass, baskets, jewellery, pottery, and knives. They are made by local artisans and craftsmen in the village. The island is also known for its deli products, consider olives, maquis-flavoured honey, cured meat products such as ham and sausage, and cheeses as presents for pals. Sample locally grown fruits and vegetables at markets, such as the Cap Corse onion which is known for its sweetness, lesser tear effect, and even distribution of aroma.