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Brindisi, Italy, is a port city located on the coast of the country's Apulia region. This quaint destination on the Adriatic Sea is ideal for enjoying a leisurely yet culture-filled holiday. A beautiful seafront frames the charming Old Town where you can kick off your trip by exploring Roman ruins. A walk up to the Scalinata di Virgilio, or Virgil's Staircase, will take you near two Roman columns, symbols of the city that marked the end point of the Appian Way, one of the most important ancient roads of the Roman Republic. Renting a car in Brindisi for the duration of your holiday is a great way to explore sights like this all around this gorgeous city, as well as the surrounding region.

It's your choice: Where to go in Brindisi

The Brindisi airport, called Brindisi Papola Casale Airport as well as Aeroporto del Salento, has flights going to every major European city. It is the second busiest airport in Apulia after Bari Airport. There are many flights to Brindisi from London, as well as other towns in the UK. It is convenient to take the city bus, which connects the airport with the centre, to reach Brindisi. The buses run every 15 to 30 minutes until 11:30pm. The terminal building, located on the right of the arrival area, is the place to purchase the bus tickets. You can also rent a car in Brindisi, and pick it up right at the airport to drive directly to your holiday accommodation.

Things to do in Brindisi

The Castello Alfonsino di Brindisi is a historic castle located on Sant’Andrea island, which can be seen from the northern side of the port area. The 16th century castle was built for defending and protecting the port entrance. Today, the battlements, walkways, keeps, and different towers offer spectacular views of the Adriatic Sea to holidaymakers. The 13th century Church of Santa Maria del Casale is among the most renowned and beautiful religious structures in the city. The stunning frescoes inside the medieval church include exquisitely coloured depictions of Madonna with Child, the Annunciation, and the Last Judgement. Piazza Duomo, which is the oldest square in the heart of the city, is home to the Brindisi Cathedral. Built in the Romanesque architectural style, the front facade of the church features opulent stone statues and a marvellous bell tower. Visit the Brindisi Archaeological Museum to learn more about the illustrious, ancient history of the region as well as see precious artefacts that include stone and bronze statues, glassware, coins, and ceramics from the Roman era. When you rent a car in Brindisi, you can conveniently access all these different points of interest.

Important information about Brindisi

One great advantage of being located on the coast is that there are numerous areas of natural beauty to explore around Brindisi. One such place is the Azzuro Beach. The mild water of the Adriatic makes this Brindisi beach perfect for swimming or simply splashing around during warmer months. You'll find a line of sun loungers and parasols on the beach, as well as peaceful spots along the sand. If you have rented a car in Brindisi, it's easy to spend a day at Azzuro Beach, as there is plenty of parking nearby. The Parco Urbano del Cillarese is a wonderful public park on the western side of the port. There are a myriad of cycling and walking trails, many small ponds, and specially designed playgrounds for kids inside the beautiful, green area that acts as an urban oasis.

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Country Italy
Language Italian
Currency Euro
Time-Zones CEST
Country Code 0831

Good to know

Driving is one of the best ways to explore the 13th century castles, Gothic and Baroque churches, sun-baked vineyards, and the wild countryside around Brindisi. The nearby UNESCO World Heritage site of Alberobello, and the towns of Lecce and Ostuni, can also be reached by a car. While driving in and around Brindisi, do remember that Italians use indicators rarely and might cut right in front of you or switch lanes suddenly. Maintain distance from other cars accordingly. You may need a day to adjust to the Italian approach to driving but with caution, you should be fine. Holidaymakers from the UK should know that they need to drive on the right. The speed limits on the highways are 130km/h; for suburban roads, known as Statali, it is 110km/h, and for Provinciali roads the speed limit is 90km/h. In the city itself, you cannot go over 50km/h. Central car parks in the city centre are the best places to keep your car while you explore popular attractions nearby.

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What to taste in Brindisi

When in Italy for a holiday, there's little sense in being thrifty when it comes to the country's heavenly cuisine. The region of Apulia is famous for being the birthplace of pasta shapes like troccoli, cavatelli, and orecchiette. The quintessential dish that you have to try in Brindisi is called purè di fave con cicoria, consisting of pureed broad beans that are served or blended with boiled chicory. La 'ncapriata, a thick soup made with bitter chicory and mashed fava beans, is usually a hit with visitors trying it for the first time. Other items you should be sure to taste include meatballs in tomato sauce, known locally as polpette al sugo. Spaghetti with sea urchin is another local delight. Most of the delicacies are based on pasta dishes, salads, stews, and soups and are generally made with vegetables grown in the region.

What to bring to your friends from Brindisi

Ideal gifts and tokens to shop for in Brindisi to bring back as souvenirs include local culinary specialities such as an assortment of confectionary or olives, cheeses, and wines. The region of Apulia is also known for its high-quality leather goods, textiles, and colourful pottery, and such gift items are typically well-received.