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Rent a car in Bremen and discover this historical city’s charm at your own pace. Tour around and see how the city's medieval buildings complement its modern edge. From the moment you arrive at the airport, you can be in the heart of the action within minutes. Explore the bustling Schnoor quarter, pass by the Weser River along Böttcherstrasse, and see the famous Rathaus before checking in to your city centre hotel.

Where to go in Bremen

Flights to Bremen arrive at Bremen Airport (BRE), which is just a 10-minute drive from the city centre. To fully discover the fascinating city of Bremen, rent a car. For generations, locals have been meeting at Bremer Marktplatz, the city's main market square and focal point. It features the magnificent city hall (Rathaus) and the statue of Roland, a symbol of the city’s freedom. At one end of the square is Dom St. Petri, an impressive cathedral that has stood in the heart of Bremen for over 1,200 years. Step inside and admire the medieval architecture before climbing to the top of the South Tower for a breathtaking view of the city. A short distance from the market square is Bremen’s artistic hideaway, Böttcherstrasse. Created by coffee merchant Ludwig Roselius in the 1920s, this narrow lane of craft shops and studios is where artists have been creating masterpieces for almost 100 years.

Things to do in Bremen

Standing outside the city hall is a statue of some of Bremen’s most recognisable figures, the Bremen Town Musicians. In their fairytale, the Brothers Grimm told the story of four animals running away to northern Germany to pursue their dream of being musicians. Snap a photo of this famous statue, and don't forget to rub its base for good luck! Like many Germans, the people of Bremen's two main passions are football and beer – and they know how to celebrate both. Head to the Weserstadion and experience the unique atmosphere of an SV Werder Bremen match, or visit in October and watch the city descend into party mode for one the country's oldest folk festivals, the Freimarkt Bremen Beer Festival. It has been held for over 900 years and can hold its own against the famous Oktoberfest celebrations in Bavaria and Cologne's Karneval.

Important info about Bremen

The city of Bremen is situated in northern Germany, straddling the Weser River. One of the country’s major industrial cities, it is home to car and aircraft manufacturing plants as well as the Beck’s brewery headquarters. It enjoys relatively mild weather, with ocean winds providing a breeze in summer and a cold bite in winter. Make sure to try some of Bremen's local cuisine, such as brown kale and pinkel sausage or chicken ragout, a dish that dates back to the city's founding and consists of poussin chicken, calf’s tongue, crayfish, or sausages. Wash your dinner down with a glass of locally produced beer – you are in Germany after all.

Weather in Bremen
Country Germany
Language German
Currency Euro
Time-Zones Central European Time
Country Code +49

Good to know

In 2009, Bremen introduced an environmental zone for motorists entering the city, meaning that if you drive in Ostertor, Mitte, Alte Neustadt, and other areas of the city you must display a green environmental badge that confirms your vehicle meets the recommended standards. Germans drive on the right side of the street. The speed limit is 50 km/h in the city, and while autobahns don't have a specific speed limit, the recommended maximum is 130 km/h. There is also no toll on autobahns. There are strict drinking and driving laws in Germany, allowing only 0.5 milligrams of alcohol per millilitre of blood. Although driving in Bremen is easy, you can only appreciate the old Schlachte promenade, on the east side of the river, on foot. This part of Bremen can trace its history back to the 13th century and formed part of the city's original port and harbour.

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What to visit in the surroundings of Bremen

Once you rent a car, Bremen is the perfect place for an adventurous holiday. The city is surrounded by beautiful countryside and fascinating towns. Bremen is a 1.5-hour drive from one of Germany's largest cities, Hamburg, which boasts a rich industrial and cultural history. For something low key, you can drive to the port town of Bremerhaven and watch enormous ships sail inland while seabirds squawk overhead. Get a taste of rural Germany in the quaint town of Hude, where you can explore the ancient woodland between Bremen and Oldenburg. Take the 30-minute journey from the Bremen's centre, and you'll find the village of Worpswede, an artistic sanctuary. For 130 years, artists have been inspired by the area's beauty, and the community has been a hive of galleries and studios ever since.

What to bring your friends from Bremen

Stroll toward to the waterfront to discover the Bremen of yesteryear. Dating back to the 15th century, the Schnoor quarter of Bremen is the oldest part of the city. Weave through its quaint streets and see the range of boutiques and craft shops selling souvenirs. When it comes to souvenirs of Bremen and Germany, food is the most obvious choice. Visit a traditional Bremen chocolatier and pick up some local Kluten, a peppermint sweet covered in chocolate. While you can most likely buy Beck’s beer from most supermarkets back home, there's nothing quite like getting some directly from the city’s brewery. Bremen is a city that embraces its artistic side and you can choose from a range of arts and crafts that will make memorable gifts for both yourself and friends back at home. To remember your holiday in Bremen, pick up some delicate ceramic and glassworks from Angewandte Kunst Bremen or a panoramic painting of the city from Galerie Goede.