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Rent a car in Alghero and you'll appreciate the beauty of this quaint corner of Sardinia. It's an ideal destination for lovers of the great outdoors, and with vehicle rental you'll be able to see much more of it. Take to the water and scuba dive to see the sights below the waves, or stick to the land and go mountain climbing or hiking. A car will allow you to visit the gorgeous local towns and also indulge in the best Sardinian cuisine.

It's your choice: Where to go in Alghero?

This compact city is full of fascinating history, with its Catalan past that gives it the nickname of 'Little Barcelona'. At Alghero Cathedral, admire the striking 16th century architecture and take time to find respite from the outside world for a while. At Nuraghe Palmavera, you'll unearth the ruins of ancient towns from the Bronze Age in a stunning archaeological site. The main tower is believed to date from as far back as the 15th century B.C! When it's time to kick back and relax, head to the golden sands of Bombarde Beach and discover the turquoise waters that Sardinia is famous for. Maria Pia is another beach close to the town centre of Alghero, which is very calm and a favourite for walkers and joggers looking to keep fit in the great outdoors.

What to do in Sardinia?

The wonderful thing about Alghero car rental is the opportunity to explore the breadth of this beloved island. Indeed, Sardinia is full of gorgeous towns and coastlines, and you can drive all the way from Alghero in the north west to the capital, Cagliari, in the south in under three hours. Perhaps head out early for a day trip and get amazing views of this stunning city from the 'Tower of the Elephant'. The Archaeological Museum tells a fascinating story of the island's past, too. Alternatively, stick near the north west coastlines and take your friends or family on a hiking tour to explore the area. Thrill seekers can get the best views in the island by mountain climbing or cycling up to the nearby peaks. The Marine Reserve close to Alghero is one of the very best places in the world to scuba dive, too, so don't miss the opportunity while you're here.

Important info about Alghero

Officially a city, Alghero is nevertheless quite a compact place, with around 44,000 inhabitants. You'll find walking around the centre and port an easy and pleasant experience, especially in the warm Sardinian sun. There are plenty of great local restaurants slightly off the beaten path, so be sure to walk around the areas just outside the centre to discover them. The landscape mixes mountainous and forested geographies, especially at the Porto Conte Natural Regional Park close by. It's easy to drive to and from town and well worth seeing to appreciate the best of Sardinia's beautiful nature. Sardinian cuisine is one of the main attractions here too of course, with an emphasis on fresh fish, panada meat pies, handmade fregola pasta and salami, which are among the regional specialities to enjoy.

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Capital Rome

What else to explore near Alghero

You’ve seen the highlights of Alghero, so it’s time to explore. Where will you go? Read on to discover which attractions are close by... You can drive out to see mountains covered with pine forests, the beaches at Isola Rossa and Stintino, and the medieval fortress at Bosa. It would take nearly eight hours on public transport to reach the beaches of Isola Rossa from Algerho. Luckily, you’ve got a hire car, so you can be there in 90 minutes. While it’s still a lengthy journey, the red island (not actually an island at all) is a haven for beach lovers and those looking for fun in the surf. A range of water sports are on offer in Isola Rossa and the area is also home to the biggest water park on the island. If you’re travelling with kids, the cries of “are we there yet?” will fade from memory when you all tackle the slides, pools and lazy river at Aqua Fantasy. If it’s more beautiful beaches you are after, Stintino is only an hour’s drive north of Alghero.

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Good to know

Driving in Sardinia is very pleasant, and finding cheap car rental in Alghero is easy too. There are just a few particularities to be aware of as you drive: You'll be on the right side of the road, and general speed limits are 90-110kph on motorways and 50-70kph within urban areas, unless otherwise indicated. Look out for local signage. Be sure to keep your passport, driving licence, proof of vehicle registration and insurance on you. In terms of car insurance, you can obtain this as a 'Green Card' when you reach Sardinia, although it's wise to arrange this ahead of time online. In case you rent a car in Alghero at with all-inclusive insurance is included. Make sure you bring your voucher, if you booked the car from home. You're also required by law to keep reflective jackets, a warning triangle, headlamp beam deflectors and a spare tyre in the car. In our rental cars we arrange this for you. With these formalities sorted, you'll then be all set to enjoy the freedom when you rent a car in Alghero.

What to taste in Alghero

Rent a car in Alghero and you can immerse yourself in the best of beautiful Sardinia. Being such a traditional Sardinian town close to the sea, this is a superb place to indulge in the local cuisine. Whether you fancy yourself an adventurous foodie or prefer more familiar and traditional dishes, there really is something for every visitor to this marvellous town. Pasta is a staple base for many main courses, served with prawns and octopus or grilled Mediterranean vegetables. Bottarga is a particular regional delicacy, which consists of mullet roe formed into a kind of sausage shape, and it's simply delicious as a starter or quick snack on the road. For something more substantial, stewed lamb with artichokes will be sure to satisfy even the hungriest visitor. Sardinian wines are also renowned, especially the Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache varieties, which can be enjoyed whenever you're stopping for the night or have a designated driver, of course.

What to bring to your friends from Alghero?

In such a dreamlike destination, you'll want to bring something back as a souvenir, or even give presents as a special something for friends and loved ones back home if you can bear to part with them! Cork is one of the island's major exports, which is grown nearby and made into a huge variety of accessories such as jewellery. Terracotta ceramics are another wonderful artisanal gift, such as small vases and other kinds of pottery. These can easily be packed in the car when you find them in the local markets. Torrone is a delicious confectionery made with almonds, which keeps very well and is a great treat to give to friends. Cured meats range from wild boat prosciutto to orange-infused duck ham. For something extra special, preserves such as chutneys and jams, like walnut and orange, are ideal for packing in the suitcase too.